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Split Kick: Warlock - Master of the Arcane Developer Interview

"BD: Did you draw any influence from classic table-top strategy games when you were designing Warlock?

PK: Not directly. But yes, it can be said that we inherited some traits from tabletop games, as we developed Warlock’s battle system with another of our games, Elven Legacy, in mind. Elven Legacy was inspired by Fantasy General, which in turn was descended from classic tabletop games."

Digitally Downloaded: Ten games that were meant to suck... but I ended up enjoying

"Considering how good Civilization V is, being an inferior clone is not really a good place to be. Thankfully, Warlock was more than a mere clone of the strategy giant. It shared some similarities, yes, but at the time time it had a soul and personality of its own, and thanks to some superb balancing, it was a great game to play in its own right."

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