Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Warlock Master of the Arcane Preview @ 2012

"Warlock: Master of the Arcane is the best attempt to emulate Master of Magic’s best features as anything I’ve played in the sixteen years since I bought it. It’s more than a clone though, with plenty to say for itself."

"Warlock has beautiful hex-based maps, a distinct lack of unit stacking and a fairly approachable user interface."
"I was immediately confronted by rat men, armed in various ways and with pleasing textual descriptions of their background."
"Exploring the world is enjoyable because it looks good and there is usually something interesting waiting behind the curtains of war (I’m bored of fog)"
"In recent years, Paradox have produced some of my favourite games and with Cartel on the way as well, they are seeming less like the grand strategy men I remember them as and more like a conduit for the past to gain new life in a higher resolution."
"Warlock has the potential to be incredibly special and has a huge audience-in-waiting but these last few months will be crucial. I’ll be scrutinising everything from here on in."
Paradox Ino co

United States & Canada

ESRB Teen Pegi 12